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"Here's Your *One Chance* To Get Your
Hands On
Your Very Own Colloidal Silver
Generator Kit For A Measly $9.97!

Imagine Getting Started Making Colloidal
Silver For a Rate So Low That You
Don't Even Need to Think About It.

From The Desk Of: ZapperPlans.Com

Hey there.

Now that you know How to make Colloidal Silver, why not save yourself some trouble and get the kit from us, for cheaper than you'd buy the parts for at Radio Shack?

Sounds Like A No-Brainer To Me!

Here's your chance to do just that.

Your Colloidal Silver Generator

What You Get... What You'll Need... (You Can Get All These Items At Any Local Supermarket)
  1. One 3" Strip Of Pure 999 Fine Silver Ribbon - Enough Silver to make up to 3 batches of Colloidal Silver!
  2. One Colloidal Silver Generator - Two 3ft Clip Leads With A 10k Resistor Placed Inline On The Positive Lead To Preserve Your Silver For More Uses!
  1. A Gallon Of Distilled Water - Make sure it's Distilled. Not Filtered!
  2. One Gallon-Sized Stainless Steel Bowl - Make Sure It's Big Enough To Put Your Distilled Water In!
  3. A Piece Of Cardboard Big Enough To Cover The Bowl - You'll cut a small hole in the middle, and suspend the silver from the positive clip lead.
  4. 3 9-volt Batteries, or a 20-30 volt Power Supply - Connect The Positive End To The Silver, and The Negative End To The Bowl

See Diagram Below.

And Ta-Da! You're making Colloidal Silver.

Detailed Instructions Will Be Included In The Package.

It's Simple.

You could buy the parts at Radio Shack! (Well, Aside from the silver of course ;-) )

But why not save yourself some trouble?

You'll be glad you did.

U.S. Shipping is FREE For A Limited Time Only

What are you waiting for?

Our Colloidal Silver Generator is...
  • Light Weight
  • Portable
  • Easy To Use
  • Small (Doesn't Take Up Much Space!)
  • Affordable
  • High-Output (You'll be making TONS of Colloidal Silver)
  • Easy To Find Batteries For
  • And Your Purchase Is Completely Risk-Free

About that last one.

If you are dissatistfied in ANY way with your purchase, just ask for your money back (Within 60 Days) and we'll refund it! No Questions Asked. And you can KEEP the Colloidal Silver Generator as consolation.

So what are you waiting for? Seize the day. Order Now.

Your Questions - Answered! (FAQ)

  1. Why is the price so low?

    Well, to be honest, this is just a test-run. We think people deserve to be healthy, and NOT go into debt for it. Once we've provided these generators for some time, we'll know whether we can continue to give them out at such a steal, and still stay afloat financially. Take advantage of this offer while you can, because it may not be online for long!

  2. How Many Batches Of Colloidal Silver Can I Make?

    As Many As You Want! But we've seen these 3" pieces last for up to 3 Batches of 1 Gallon. (Compare that to buying the stuff!) After that, you'll need to get some more silver. And you'll need to change your batteries if they get too low.

  3. Will Colloidal Silver Cure Me?

    We make no claims whatsoever about the use of Colloidal Silver. However, we sincerely hope that you see good results with it. We use it all the time, and it's great stuff!

  4. Will You Be Providing Any Accessories For The Generator?

    At this point, we have some ideas in the works, (Such As An Automatic 48-hour timer, and a battery check!) but we don't provide those as of yet. When we do, you'll be the first to know! You should be able to make as much Colloidal Silver as you wish with this basic generator model.

  5. Is There A Quantity Limit On How Many Generators I Can Purchase?

    Nope. Order as many as you want! However, for orders over 50, expect some delays, as it takes longer to assemble and ship large orders.

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