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Triumph Against All Odds!

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I could scarcely believe my ears when my sister said her CANCER WAS IN REMISSION . . .

. . . music to my ears! Can you imagine the sheer horror and helplessness I felt when I first heard she had cancer? My gracious, she's only 47 years old (just a year older than me)! My prayer, "Help Lord! What can I do?"

I had first heard about zappers only a few years back. When I decided to start providing free plans for them (through online) and producing them at low cost I never dreamed I would need one so urgently, so close to home, so soon.

I'll never forget that fateful day when Mom broke the news while she and Dad were down for a visit. Immediately I thought, "I've got to get a zapper to her!" I said, "Mom, I'll GIVE Kathy a zapper, I make them and I've got plenty. Can you get one to her on your way home?"

Fortunately my dear, sweet Mother had recently read Dr. Hulda Clark's wonderful book, The Cure For All Diseases. Her eyes lit up as she quickly said YES she surely would.

Anxiously we awaited word as Kathy endured her chemo treatments (while zapping right along). Could she possibly survive this ordeal where only a few ever live past 5 years? We all kept praying, while Kathy kept on zapping . . .

Then came the most fantastic good news! Her cancer was in full remission -- 100%!! No more chemo and she's feeling so much better now! Thank the Lord God Almighty! Praise His name forever!

And now she just keeps on zapping. First she kept it up once a day for a couple of months. Now she zaps at least once a week for maintenance. She also adjusted her diet and her environment to eliminate all those toxins and sources of infection, parasites and what not she used to be exposed to without her knowledge.

I fully expect she and I will now grow old together and my children's children will now get to know and fondly remember their Great Aunt Kathy.

If you know anyone who is battling health problems, please send them to for free zapper plans and/or fully assembled zappers at nominal cost. We make zappers available at nominal cost so that anyone can now afford one and no one need be without this breakthrough tool.

While you know we can't (and don't) guarantee any kind of results or make any medical claims, we do feel we have personally benefited from using our zappers. We also feel you should have the opportunity to try and see for yourself how much a zapper may benefit you and your loved ones -- without mortgaging the farm for it!

See you soon at for you and your Loved ones.

God bless!

From all of us at

A quick update. It's now Springtime. Mom and Dad are here for another visit. Mom says Kathy now "swears by" her zapper while using it faithfully every day. Last checkup, her Doctors were amazed to find "no trace" of cancer! They said "some percentage" decrease is all they can ever expect.

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