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There are a number of good reasons you may prefer having us assemble your Zapper for you rather than building your Zapper yourself. You may lack the time. You may lack the necessary skills to read and follow electronic schematic diagrams. Or you may just want to know you're getting the real deal and/or not have the right equipment to properly test your handiwork.

With this in mind, we have decided to make Zappers available to you for a very small investment. Because no one should be forced into putting off researching such an important health implement purely over financial considerations. Because our professionally assembled Zappers will prove that much easier for you to use, and take along with you wherever you go, than other Zappers.

A photo of our amazingly compact and efficient Zapper (opens in new window) is now available. Notice how other Zappers rate so clunky and unwieldy in comparison.

You will find your new Zappers easier for you to use in your every day life.

Other commercial alternatives to our Zapper:
The "Dual Frequency 30khz + 10khz Zapper" is $250. (Ours is more miniaturized.)
The "Super Zapper DeLuxe" is $149.00. (More complicated than ours.)

The Zapper (from us) is only $10. Shipping is $3.
Order page (click here).

NEW Zapperplans-only Expedited Shipping
Order your Zapper and have your order shipped within 1-Business Day. While supplies last. Get in now!

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